Have you asked yourself…

  • Will I be able to live the life I want?
  • How can I gain clarity regarding the issues that may impact my future plans in uncertain times?
  • What are my future goals and what is important to me?
  • How can I feel confident about the financial and personal decisions I make?
  • Do I have a disciplined investment plan tailored to my needs and goals?
  • How do I develop a plan to take care of myself and the future generations I care about?
  • Is any of this even possible?

We believe there is much you can do to accomplish this and more by creating a plan that pulls all the pieces together and is focused on what is most important to you. This involves:

  • Understanding what is important to you and focusing on your goals.
  • Analyzing your overall financial situation through conversations, and gathering various statements and records.
  • Developing and discussing financial planning scenarios, considering challenges and opportunities, and assessing recommendations and strategies.
  • Making an informed decision to commit to an overall strategy supported by your plan.
  • Staying connected and monitoring your progress to assure your plan is in alignment with your goals and to make adjustments as needed.

Sterling provides investment management as an integral part of its overall wealth management offering. Since we are plan-centered, Sterling’s investment strategy is not driven by the news of the day. Instead, our strategy is goal-focused and informed by a strict discipline and rich history of academic research:

  • Our role as a fiduciary guides our actions.
  • Our investment management process is goal driven.
  • We adhere to structured investment models and disciplined rebalancing.
  • We believe in leveraging the benefits of diversification within and across the world’s investable asset classes.
  • We believe the employment of institutional money managers with specific expertise may add value to a portfolio.
  • We integrate tax-awareness throughout the portfolio management process.
  • We feel client focus and high levels of service should remain paramount throughout any investment process.

Over the years, we have found that most of our clients ask for guidance in the following areas, in addition to other specialized areas.

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